Working with Visual Studio 2010 – Part 10

This is part 10 of my Working with Visual Studio 2010 video series. So far we have covered these topics in previous parts:

In part 10 I show how to use Team Build 2010 to prepare a Continuous Integration build definition for the BookStore application. Continuous integration is a best practice that makes sure that any time a developer checks-in some code a new build is triggered, allowing the team to quickly find broken builds and fix them early in the development process.


Download Video

As a side note I just want to highlight that the WMV video that you can download from the above link has better quality than the Youtube video, mostly because of Youtube processing of the video which, for some reason, reduces quality and un-syncs the video from the audio. Download the video for the best quality.



4 thoughts on “Working with Visual Studio 2010 – Part 10

  1. Hi Juilio,

    I have some doubts, could you please clarify
    1. can we maintain java source in TFS.
    2. Can we migrate Java source code from ClearCase to TFS without loosing history.
    3. Ration requisitePro, Rational Testmanager and RS, can we integrate these in TFS.


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