Translator for Windows Phone 7 Now Available!

I’m very excited to announce that my Silverlight based Translator is now ported to Windows Phone 7! After thinking about the cool development opportunities that this awesome device brings to the mobile arena and given that the development platform for it is Silverlight (which I love), I thought it just made sense to prepare a WP7 version of the Translator, and I have to say it was a great learning opportunity!


You will find the Translator in the Travel >> Language category of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and also following this link:

The main idea of this first version of the Translator was to take all the already available features of the Translator Desktop to the Windows Phone. If you have not used the Translator Desktop before, here is a quick recap of all the features that are now ported to WP7:

  • Translate any text to and from a wide variety of languages.
  • Choose between the Google translation engine and the Microsoft Bing translation engine with the slide of a finger. The available languages and corresponding translations will vary with each engine (with 50+ languages for the Google engine, and 30+ for the Microsoft engine).
  • Listen to your translations in the most popular languages. This is powered by the Microsoft Bing Text To Speech API.
  • Use the detect feature to auto detect the language of any text.
  • Quickly swap between source and target languages.
  • The Translator will remember your choices for the next time you open it.

More screenshots follow:




I already have some cool ideas for the next version, to really take advantage of this fabulous device. So stay tuned! And, as always, all feedback is very welcome!


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