Language Translator for Windows 8 Now Available!

Been working on porting my Translator to a Windows Store app and it is finally published!

Go get it here.


Most features available in the Windows Phone and Desktop versions of the Translator are also available in this new version. However there is one new feature, available only thanks to Windows 8, that was my main driver to create this new port. This new feature allows you to send text for automatic translation directly from any other Windows Store app that supports sharing.

To send text for automatic translation from any Windows Store app that supports sharing:

1. Select some text in the Windows Store app, open the Windows 8 charm bar and tap on the Share charm.



2. On the Share charm tap on Language Translator.



3. The Language Translator will slide from your right, will auto detect the language of the text you shared and will immediately provide you a translated version in your language of choice.



If you find yourself using the Language Translation very frequently, you can take advantage of Windows 8 snapped view to snap the Language Translator to any side of your screen. It will resize properly and stay there for quick access for as long as you need it.



I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed working on it. Please send me any feedback you might have on the Language Translator and, if you like it, would appreciate if you can rate it in the store.



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