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From time to time I get approached by an overwhelming amount of recruiters for several software engineering positions for locations across the US and a few of them remote too. This is probably not unusual for folks working in software engineering, especially if you work on cloud tech. Some of these positions are actually really interesting. Looks like HBO keeps growing in the Seattle area with the upcoming HBO Max service starting in spring of 2020, Amazon expanding into Cupertino, CA, Mexico City and Vancouver, B.C, and Volkswagen coming up with it’s own Automotive Cloud in Redmond, WA.

However since I’m not interested in switching jobs these days (having some good fun at the Microsoft Project xCloud team) and I keep just replying with a “not interested” to all these recruiters, I thought I might as well share these opportunities here so others get to know about them.

You can check out the new jobs section here and if you are interested feel free to drop me an email or comment on this post with your updated LinkedIn profile so I can pass it over.

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