Building Microservices with .NET online course now available

I have just released the first few modules of my Building Microservices with .NET – The Basics online course.

Some of the topics covered so far:

  • How to create .NET 5 based microservices from scratch using Visual Studio Code
  • Use individual MongoDB NoSQL databases for exclusive use by each microservice
  • Implement asynchronous inter-service communication via RabbitMQ and MassTransit
  • Microservices architecture fundamentals, pros and cons
  • Implement common design patterns used with microservices like repository, retries with exponential backoff and circuit breaker
  • Use C# 9 record types to define DTOs and message contracts used by the microservices
  • How to implement the common operations of a microservices REST API
  • Use Docker and Docker Compose to run services like MongoDB and RabbitMQ in your box to support your microservices
  • Use Swagger/OpenAPI and Postman to explore and interact with your microservice APIs
  • Implement resilient inter-service communication via IHttpClientFactory and Polly
  • Implement eventual data consistency by replicating data across microservices
  • Create NuGet packages to share reusable logic and message contracts across microservices
  • Build two microservices of an end to end application where players can purchase game items with virtual currency

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