My Free .NET Microservices Online Course is Now Available!

If you are a an ASP.NET Core backend developer, you might have heard the term “microservices” and you might be wondering what it’s all about. If you never heard of it, well, you should since it’s the most popular software architecture style these days.

In essence, microservices are a way to create modern distributed applications that small and focused teams can build and deploy independently. It brings in tons of benefits for teams of all sizes, but it also involves many new challenges.

If you are interested in microservices and would like to know how to get started building them with .NET, you should check out my free Building Your First Microservice With .NET online course. This is a step by step, didactic, 2+ hours course, that will take you from zero to having a fully working .NET microservice, with a complete REST API and a NoSQL database hosted in Docker.

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