The .NET Microservices Basics Course is now Free on YouTube!

My Building Microservices With .NET: The Basics course covers the fundamentals of microservices with the .NET platform, from the creation of your very first microservice from scratch, with a complete REST API and fully working database, to having two entire microservices talk to each other resiliently via multiple communication mechanisms, including eventual consistency via events.

This has been a popular paid course on Udemy for a while, but recently I decided to remove it from that platform and instead publish it on YouTube, so it becomes free for everyone. Check it out:

Want to master microservices? Check out my full program at


Building a CI/CD pipeline for a containerized Asp.Net Core 3.0 Web API

To close on the Asp.Net Core 3.0 Web API series I just published a video on how to build a CI/CD pipeline to fully automate the deployment of a Web API docker container to AKS. Here it is:

In this one you will learn:

  • How to push your project files to a GitHub repository and how to show its build status
  • How to create a yaml based Azure Pipeline to continuously build and publish the container image
  • How to use the same pipeline to continuously deploy the container image to AKS
  • How to use Azure Pipelines Environments to get the state and history of deployments

I hope this series has been useful and, as always, please leave me a comment here or in the video with any feedback, which is highly appreciated.


Deploying an Asp.Net Core 3.0 Web API on AKS

Last week I published a video on how to deploy an Asp.Net Core 3.0 Web API to a local Kubernetes cluster. This week I thought I would move one step forward and show how to deploy the same Web API container to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). So here you go:

In this new video you will learn:

  • How to create a container registry and an AKS cluster
  • How to push your Web API container to a container registry
  • How to generate Kubernetes yaml files to describe your deployment and service using Visual Studio Code
  • How to deploy your Web API container to AKS

Please leave me a comment here or in the video itself about any feedback you might have on this video.