What Will You Learn Inside?

Best Practices And Antipatterns

Common mistakes most devs make when writing unit tests and how experienced devs do it.


Testing Real-World ASP.NET Core Applications

What to test in a real-world app, how to deal with code too hard to unit test, and how to test layer by layer.

Revealing The Truth With Code Coverage

How to enable code coverage for your projects and the right way to make it work for your team.


Unit Testing For Devs With No Time

The modern techniques busy devs are using to actually fit unit testing in their day-to-day dev flow.

Unit testing Clean Architecture Applications

What exactly should be unit tested in a clean architecture application and practical examples of how to go about it.


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Lifetime access to professionally recorded high-quality video training that you can take at your own pace, anywhere and from any device.

Beautifully Illustrated Handouts

Includes all diagrams from every slide deck presented across the course, so you can reference them any time.

Full Source Code

Full source code linked to every coding lesson so you can easily compare and troubleshoot.

Step By Step Lesson Scripts

Speed up your learning with the exact written steps the instructor follows during the videos.

Full English captions

In case you need them, English captions can be turned on quickly for any of the lessons.

Course Curriculum

01 Welcome to the course! 6 lessons
  • Course introduction
  • Course outline
  • Is this course for you?
  • Software prerequisites
  • Source code and other resources
  • Setting up VS Code for unit testing
02 Writing good unit tests 6 lessons
  • Avoid testing implementation details
  • Use fakes wisely
  • Avoid multiple AAA sections
  • Reusing test fixtures
  • Working with time
  • Testing private methods
03 Refactoring ASP.NET Core applications 5 lessons
  • Choosing what to test
  • The ASP.NET Core API you will unit test
  • Refactoring overcomplicated code - Take 1
  • Refactoring overcomplicated code - Take 2
  • Refactoring overcomplicated code - Take 3
04 Unit testing ASP.NET Core applications 6 lessons
  • Testing entities
  • Testing application services
  • Testing error mapping logic
  • Dealing with data repositories
  • Testing controllers
  • Testing minimal APIs
05 Using code coverage 6 lessons
  • What is code coverage?
  • Using code coverage in VS Code
  • Using code coverage in Visual Studio
  • What's the ideal code coverage number?
  • Configuring what to include in code coverage
  • Increasing the coverage
06 Speeding up your unit testing flow 4 lessons
  • Running tests in parallel
  • Using AutoFixture
  • Using live unit testing
  • Unit testing with ChatGPT
07 Unit Testing Clean Architecture applications 4 lessons
  • Clean architecture quick recap
  • The application to test
  • Unit testing the application
  • Running code coverage

Course Preview

Here's a preview of a few of the lessons included in this course.

Who Is This Course For?

  • C# developers who know the basics of unit testing but can't fit them into their daily coding activities.
  • Any software developer that wants to learn how to write unit tests for real-world applications.

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Meet Your Instructor


My name is Julio Casal. I'm a passionate software engineer with a wealth of experience building all sorts of applications and systems based on the .NET platform.

Throughout my 10+ years working at Microsoft, I had the opportunity to work on real-world projects, building and refining backend services that handle millions of requests every month.

I believe reducing complex concepts into simple step-by-step instructions is incredibly valuable and helps to make coding accessible and fun for everyone.


When does the program start and finish?

Mastering C# Unit Testing is a completely self-paced online course. You decide when you start and when you finish.

How many hours of video content are included in this program?

The total video content time is 4 hours.

Do you offer a certification on course completion?

Yes, you will get a certificate at no additional cost after completing all the course lessons.

How long will I have access to the content?

Your enrollment includes unlimited lifetime access and free updates for life.

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Happy to help! Send me an email: [email protected]